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work adventure [Jun. 8th, 2007|12:16 pm]
[mood |exhaussssted]

haaaaaay. today im leaving to go on my first ever tv shoot. i am getting very spoiled because this shoot is happening in europe instead of the more standard LA/Vancouver shoots. we're going to be based in berlin for the next two weeks with a few locations in other germany cities nearby. we were supposed to go to spain as well but it looks like we're not going to be going there after all. who knows though, it might all change again. i am very nervous that i managed to both overpack/underpack (too much of shit i dont need and not enough of the shit i do need).

well, im going to be posting pictures on my flickr account. i know if i posted text, itd be blogging. and if i posted video it'd be vlogging. so if im just posting pictures, is that pogging? if so, are there slammers involved? anyways.


not that i'll probably end up sending you one, but if you want a postcard, let me know.

[User Picture]From: iamandyouare
2007-06-10 01:54 am (UTC)
listen, you'll be lucky if you even get a snowglobe. foriegn mail practices scare me, my remark above was sort of a rhetorical statement...
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